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Morel Woodworks

Wood Flooring-

Custom Milwork Flooring


Table- Built from bookmatched Walnut with Maple feet, Osage runner, cherry pegs, assorted hardwood butterfly joints



Old Western Theme Room

Progress Photos - 2014

Wide Plank Hickory- Walnut / Cherry Trim Details

accents- Black Walnut Plugs and Square Nails


Marques Morel & Darrell Paschall

Local harvested, kiln-dried and rough sawn

This flooring design consept was created to provide a rustic and strong statement to compliment the planed next phase of this room.

Progress photos will be added each week. See Next Phases Below


Old Western Theme Room

Phase 2

Walls and Ceilings -

100 year old barn wood and old tin was utilized to create this amazing room used for folk music gatherings. Look close or you will miss out on the historic details provided.


Marques Morel & Darrell Paschall